Answers for Project Euler

File Title Author Multiples of 3 and 5 cspence Multiples of 3 and 5 Eric Hodges Multiples of 3 and 5 L. Grondin Multiples of 3 and 5 Mark A. Hershberger Multiples of 3 and 5 David Romano Even Fibonacci numbers Eric Hodges Even Fibonacci numbers Gerhard R Even Fibonacci numbers Mark A. Hershberger Largest prime factor Eric Hodges Largest prime factor Gerhard R Largest prime factor Mark A. Hershberger Largest prime factor Lanny Ripple Largest palindrome product David Romano Largest palindrome product Konrad Borowski Smallest multiple David Romano Smallest multiple Konrad Borowski Sum square difference polettix 10001st prime polettix Largest product in a series Jonathan Scott Duff Largest product in a series Jonathan Scott Duff Special Pythagorean triplet Gerhard R Special Pythagorean triplet Gerhard R Special Pythagorean triplet Flavio Poletti Summation of primes polettix Largest product in a grid Moritz Lenz Highly divisible triangular number polettix Large sum L. Grondin Longest Collatz sequence Felix Herrmann Lattice paths Felix Herrmann Power digit sum L. Grondin Number letter counts Jonathan Scott Duff Maximum path sum I Felix Herrmann Counting Sundays L. Grondin Factorial digit sum L. Grondin Amicable numbers Gerhard R Names scores L. Grondin Non-abundant sums Shlomi Fish Lexicographic permutations Moritz Lenz 1000-digit Fibonacci number Flavio Poletti Reciprocal cycles Shlomi Fish Quadratic primes Shlomi Fish Number spiral diagonals Shlomi Fish Distinct powers Gerhard R Distinct powers Flavio Poletti Digit fifth powers Andrei Osipov Coin sums Shlomi Fish Pandigital products Andrei Osipov Digit cancelling fractions Andrei Osipov Digit factorials Quinn Perfetto Double-base palindromes xenu Pandigital multiples Andrei Osipov Integer right triangles Quinn Perfetto
prob042-shlomif.p6 Coded triangle numbers Shlomi Fish Distinct primes factors Gerhard R Permuted multiples Jonathan Scott Duff Combinatoric selections Jonathan Scott Duff Combinatoric selections Gerhard R Poker hands Andrei Osipov XOR decryption Andrei Osipov Prime pair sets Andrei Osipov Powerful digit counts Moritz Lenz Powerful digit counts polettix Convergents of e Andrei Osipov Diophantine equation Andrei Osipov Maximum path sum II Felix Herrmann Square root digital expansion Andrei Osipov Path sum: two ways Moritz Lenz Roman numerals Andrei Osipov Square digit chains Moritz Lenz Large non-Mersenne prime Andrei Osipov Anagramic squares Andrei Osipov Largest exponential Andrei Osipov Arranged probability Andrei Osipov Pandigital Fibonacci ends Moritz Lenz
prob105-shlomif.p6 Special subset sums: testing Shlomi Fish
prob125-shlomif.p6 Palindromic sums Shlomi Fish Searching for a maximum-sum subsequence Shlomi Fish Paper sheets of standard sizes: an expected-value problem Shlomi Fish Number Rotations Shlomi Fish The hyperexponentiation of a number Shlomi Fish Tri-colouring a triangular grid Shlomi Fish
prob220-shlomif.p6 prob220-shlomif.p6
prob284-shlomif.p6 prob284-shlomif.p6
prob286-shlomif.p6 Scoring probabilities Shlomi Fish
prob288-shlomif.p6 An enormous factorial Shlomi Fish
prob329-shlomif.p6 Prime Frog Shlomi Fish
prob463-shlomif.p6 A weird recurrence relation Shlomi Fish
prob539-shlomif.p6 Odd elimination Shlomi Fish
prob551-shlomif.p6 Sum of digits sequence Shlomi Fish
prob601-shlomif.p6 Divisibility streaks Shlomi Fish
prob612-shlomif.p6 prob612-shlomif.p6
prob618-shlomif-timotimo.p6 prob618-shlomif-timotimo.p6